Responsible Operator Certification

BTC facilitates skill testing and senior training for responsible operators under JEAC(*1) 4804-2021(Regulation concerning judging responsibleoperators ).

Responsible operators must possess the knowledge, skills, and experience that are necessary to fulfill government guidelines.(*2)

Responsible Operator Certification
Knowledge and skills necessary for responsible operators:

Ability to monitor the plant status during normal operation and accident conditions. Ability to manage and make accurate judgments during accident conditions.

Knowledge of the laws and regulations concerning nuclear safety.

Knowledge about nuclear reactor facilities and performance.

Knowledge about leadership.

(*1) JEAC
Japanese Electrical Association Code
Ministerial ordinance No.77 Nuclear reactor regulation law Article 87 No.3 and 4
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Bulletin No.589, The standard about Responsible, operators
(*3) JANSI
Japan Nuclear Safety Institute
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