Intensive Courses
Trainer's Course 3 days, 5 days, 10 days

This course is designed for instructors of training centers of utility companies. Training techniques, scenario creation, evaluation of training methods, and study of teaching methods are covered along with basic techniques required for instructors.

Nuclear Engineer Training Course 1-3 days, 5 days, 10 days, 20 days

This course is designed for engineers of plant manufacturers. In the first part, system structure of NPP and performance is covered. In the second part, process of operation and plant dynamics using simulator is covered. Learning contents and course time period can be adjusted for any course according to customers needs.

Nuclear Inspector Training Course

This course is designed for Nuclear inspector. In this course the composition and function of nuclear power plants is covered. Observing upper level trainees simulator sessions and receiving an explanation of the events can provide trainees with important points of plant operation.

Overseas nuclear regulatory agency personnel course

This course is designed for those persons engaged in foreign nuclear power plant related business, including nuclear regulatory agency personnel. Normal operation and abnormal and accident function of NPP are covered.
BTC is required to get Japanese government export control permission before starting this course ,and it could take several months for legal procedures.

Local Authorities training course

This course is designed for the administrative staff of local authorities. In the first part, the required course contents including basic structure function, and basic plant composition and function are covered using easy to understand explanations and figures. In the second part, observation of transients using the simulator and engineering safety features of NPP are covered.

Public Relations Staff Training Course

This course is designed for pubic relations staff. Basic knowledge of NPP functions, etc. which are required for publicity activities are covered.

About Intensive Courses

In order to support the various needs of electric companies, administrative organizations, and manufacturers, we offer intensive training courses that make practical use of our simulators.

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